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Working Principle: The Antenna generates high frequency electromagnetic field, the tag has a coil (passive component) attached to the object to be identified. So when the coil comes in range with the reader due to induction a voltage is generated, this voltage serves as a power for microchip. Now using the technique of load manipulation data is transferred.

To build RFID tracking System we need RFID Reader Connected to internet, Passive RFID Tag attached to Object and Storage to save data. We use antennas to amplify the signals coming from reader to identify the tags. To increase the range of the reader we use multiple antennas.

RFID asset tracking uses RFID tags attached to the asset and for each tag we feed information that identify the asset and with the help of RFID reader each tag can be read and the data will be fetched from the backend server using the unique epc code of RFID tag.

The Accuracy of RFID tracking depends on the tags and Readers we use and scenarios. There are different types of tags for different purposes. Each tag has its own level of accuracy. Technically only an expert tells which tag to use at which Object. Generally all tags are designed to fulfill its purpose. Chances of not detecting the tag are less than 2%

Because of this wide range it can be channelized and used in various frequency ranges. It has been in use since 1980’s in ship navigation to identify distant object. This same technique embedded with latest technology used to identify and track objects.

RFID Tyre Tracking is used to know the lifetime of the each tyre in the truck. The RFID tyre Tag is attached to the inner sole of the tyre using special cement and the tag is read using RFID Reader and initial DB is set and the kilometer run is calculated for each tire. In tire tracking the GPS location of the tire can also be tracked using APIs. It is useful for controlling pilferage of tires.

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