6 reasons to choose Laundry Tracking System for Hospitals

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Laundry Tracking System for Hospitals

When it comes to hospitality asset tracking, it’s important to keep track of the laundry demand. In a hospital, sheets and blankets are often used to cover patients and protect them from germs. They are also used for surgical procedures and to prevent bedsores, so they must be kept clean and germ-free. It’s important to keep track of the laundry demand and ensure that sheets and blankets don’t run out. To meet this demand, hospitals use laundry tracking systems. These systems help hospitals account for the laundry demand and keep track of the sheets and blankets.

Hospitality Asset Tracking: As the business grows, the need for proper management also increases. With thousands of clients, it is hard to track all the details in one place. This is where the laundry tracking system helps by maintaining all the laundry details in an organized manner. But what is more important for a business is to choose the best laundry tracking system.

Laundry is the most important and time-consuming department in a hospital. It consists of many units including washers, dryers, ironing units, etc., and it is usually the bottleneck of the whole laundry process.
Oteltech provides you with an RFID laundry tracking solution and helps your hospital to improve efficiency and reduce costs by 20%.

Oteltech’s Laundry Tracking solution helps you manage your linens more efficiently and with less hassle. With Oteltech, you can now easily track the movement of linen items from your storerooms, to the laundry and back again, without the need for manual logging or cumbersome whiteboard systems without touching it.

Oteltech Hospitality Asset Tracking, Smart Laundry Tracking system is one of the best laundry tracking systems for hotels and hospitals laundry management.

Keeping hospital beds sheets balanced may be a daunting task. And, considering the fact that a hospital bed has to be changed more often than a patient, a laundry tracking system may be a solution. Whether you’re a large hospital with a huge laundry department or a small clinic that needs more control over its laundry, a laundry tracking system will help you get a better handle of your laundry process.

Why hospitals uses RFID laundry tracking

  • We have more than 6 years of experience in the
  • It is very easy to install and also easy to operate.
  • It is very easy to install and also easy to operate.
  • Our software is user friendly and easily
  • Theft control System
  • Linen management easy

In Detail

1: We have more than 6 years of experience in laundry management systems.
We provide laundry management systems and laundry management software services to many clients in many countries. This blog is written to highlight our laundry software solution for clients. We would like to help you in laundry management and we can help you in the laundry management systems and laundry management software. The Oteltech Lisys RFID system is a laundry management system that improves efficiency in laundry operations. It allows for the integration of laundry equipment, customer tracking, and accounting into one system that can be accessed easily. The system also allows for full integration to be done in a matter of hours, making it easy to access the system to make changes.

2:  It is very easy to install and also easy to operate.
It is very easy to install and also easy to operate. This is because the manual that goes with the product is very well organized and it guides you step by step on how to set up the product. In addition to that, if you have any questions, you can call the customer care representatives who will be very glad to answer your questions. 

3: Our software is user friendly and easily
Once the product is installed you won’t have any problems operating it. This is because you only need to follow the instructions on the screen and everything will work out fine.

4: AI-based technology 
Artificial intelligence is a set of computer technologies that are used to make computers behave in an intelligent way. Although the term was not coined until 1956, the idea of creating machines that think has been around for a long time. There are many different approaches to creating artificial intelligence, but they all have one thing in common: they are based on learning from experience. For example, a roomba from irobot is a type of robot that uses artificial intelligence to help it move around a home. It uses sensors to avoid obstacles. If it bumps into something, it remembers the location of the object so that it can avoid it the next time. You can see more examples of artificial intelligence at work here.

5 : RFID theft control system

RFID theft control system is a system that helps in tracking and controlling theft of any material or equipment in industries such as retail, government, and military. When someone tries to steal any material or equipment, the RFID tag in it emits a signal, which is picked up by the RFID antenna fixed in the door frame. The antenna will send the signal to the RFID reader. The reader will send the signal to the RFID software, which will prompt the system to either stop the door from opening or alert the security guard. The RFID software can be programmed to perform different functions in different situations. For instance, if the door is kept open for more time than the set time, it can send an alert to the security guard.

6 : Linen management is easy

The use of RFID technology in linen management is becoming more and more common, as is the use of RFID technology in the hospitality industry in general. With RFID technology, there are many ways to perform inventory management on linens, towels, and other items used in the hotel industry. Oteltech’s RFID technology allows for efficient use of resources, as well as an easy way to keep track of what you have. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the benefits of RFID technology for linen management, and look forward to hearing from you.

How to select a hospital Laundry Tracking System?

Oteltech provides RFID laundry tracking solutions that help hospitals and hotels to track linen inventory, maintain accurate room inventories, and control unnecessary wash cycles. Our RFID laundry tags allow the facilities to save on washing costs and reduce excessive linen inventory levels.

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