How can one count hospital laundries contactless?

The biggest pain point in hospitals is handling soiled laundries from Operation theaters.  Since those are contaminated and will have blood stains and other body fluids can be highly dangerous and prone to diseases to the housekeeping staff.  The average hospital will have 1000’s linens to be manually counted and that is time-consuming.  Again recounting from start is another challenge if one gets distracted while counting.

RFID laundry tracking systems are favorable during such instances.  You can count linens without physically touching them. RFID handheld readers count the entire bunch within minutes without errors. The Reader reads RFID tags stitched to each linen and registers those.  There are lots of other benefits to adopting RFID laundry tracking system.

RFID technology is being used in many industries, but it’s most commonly found in the retail sector. It’s also being used in the hospitality industry, including hotels. This technology is being used to help reduce property damage, theft and increase security. Here are some of the unique ways RFID is being used in hospitality.
When you are working in hospitality, you need solutions that support, rather than hamper, your efforts in customer care, and this is where our long experience in delivering scalable, flexible solutions proves particularly useful.

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Our software solutions for hospitality focus on what matters the most for our clients and the industry at large: tracking assets in real-time and inventory and personnel management.
RFID can offer numerous possibilities when it comes to personalization, safety, and better customer experience.

RFID hotel key cards can make your guests’ stays more comfortable and efficient. RFID hotel key cards can be used to open a door, a safe, or a refrigerator, depending on the needs of your guests. This technology also allows you to monitor the use of certain assets to avoid theft and waste. Our products have been designed with a special focus on hospitality, so they are reliable and easy to use. We have many years of experience in designing software solutions for hotels and other hospitality industry businesses.

Most of the time, you will find that RFID systems are not designed to be scalable or flexible. However, our software solutions for hospitality are both. This makes it possible to accommodate changes in your business and your needs. For example, more rooms can be added with ease without having to install new readers. If you have a certain number of employees in your hotel, you can add them to the system quickly and easily.

Join the RFID Revolution! RFID is becoming more and more popular in the hospitality industry. It’s also being used in other industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and many others. Why? Because it can help you improve your productivity and efficiency. It can help you improve security and safety. It can help you streamline your processes. But most importantly, it can help you deliver a better experience to your customers. If you are interested in learning more about how RFID can benefit your business or if you want to find out how you can get started with an RFID solution for your business, please contact us today. We have solutions that are designed especially for hospitality businesses of all sizes.

Hospitals can access a wide range of valuable reports which allow the tracking of unit usage, allocation of unit costs, analysis of unit performance, tracking of patient days, and potentially big dollar savings through inventory optimization and best practice benchmarking.

Usage data can be entered through the PC or by using convenient handheld mobile units with built-n bar-code scanners. There is a wide range of user manageable functions including stock, inventory, departments, par levels plus a wide range of linen costing options.

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