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RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

A fully integrated RFID asset tracking solution tracks and monitors assets in real- time. The LySis RFID tracking system is powered by three key components: RFID Tags, RFID Readers and  Software.

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LySis RFID Asset Tracking Solutions can be implemented at : IT & Non IT Sector, Public & Private Offices, Institutes, Hospitality,  Healthcare, Financial Institute,  etc.

RFID Asset Tracking Solutions can be used to monitor and track.

  • Furniture’s
  • Documents
  • IT Asset
  • All General Assets.

Covert inlays and other RFID labels that make stock taking,  tracking and registration of important items much easier and more efficient than barcode technology. Saving time and money by drastically reducing the time spent recording manually each item against the serial number, make, model, etc and reconciling.

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Our Services

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LySis RFID Asset Tracking Solutions is a complete system to manage your inventory, reduce operational cost and increase operational efficiency. We have implemented LySis RFID technology in some of the best organisations  and hospitals which has transformed their operations. All they had to do was stick tags, set up a reader and we made it work.

Office asset Tracking

LySis RFID is a mobile app that tracks the physical assets of an office. It also allows users to create a history of how the asset was used, and what were its last known location.

Equipment Tracking

Oteltech LySis provides tracking solutions for all kind of industry. Our SaaS based platform allows customers to track all types of equipment from their smartphones and tablets, ensuring that their valuable assets are always accounted for.

Valuable asset tracking

LySis RFID is an intelligent device that helps you keep track of your valuable assets and notifies you whenever they move. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect abnormal movements and immediately sends alerts to your phone.

Hospitality asset tracking

Oteltech gives you an end-to-end hospitality solution that helps you manage your hotels. From room inventory and F&B ordering, to maintenance and key control, our team will work with you to design a custom experience that saves time, money and enhances the guest experience.

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