RFID Asset Tracking Solution Is Here To Change The World


Oteltech LISYS RFID Asset Tracking Solutions is the world’s first cloud-based hotel inventory management solution, Re-invent your operations and gain complete visibility to your hotel’s room inventory with OTELTECH.

The simplest and most cost-effective way to track and monitor your assets. Track your assets, reduce costs by 40%

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Inventory Management, Simplified
Hotel rooms, the most valuable assets of any hotel, are also the most difficult to track. OTELTECH’s RFID-based Hotel Asset Tracking System provides a complete inventory management solution for hotel rooms, from check-in to check-out. Our cloud-based solution provides all relevant information on room status, location, and more.

The OTELTECH RFID asset tracking solution is the world’s first RFID-based inventory management solution for hotels and Hospitality. It is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to track your assets. Our solution takes full advantage of today’s advanced RFID technology, offering you a complete inventory management system with ease of use, safety, and security. With our solution, you can track your assets in real-time, while also reducing costs by 40%.


Complete inventory management solution for hotel rooms and Official or A large Enterprise. Track your assets in real-time, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs by 40% Works with all RFID tags, including RFID Tags Simple to use, easy to install, scalable for any size hotel Simple implementation, no need for expensive equipment or staff training. Quick ROI The solution consists of tags, readers and software. Tags are attached to assets (i.e. furniture, fixtures, etc.) that you want to track.

What is an RFID Asset Tracking Solution

The readers scan the tags at key points within the hotel. With the help of our cloud-based software, you are able to instantly locate assets on a map and view detailed information about them at any time. RFID-based Hotel Asset Tracking System Tags are attached to assets you want to track.

Importance of RFID asset tracking system

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification is currently the best technology available for asset tracking and inventory management. Hotels deal with hundreds of assets that are constantly moving in and out of their premises and can highly benefit from a smart inventory.

Hotels deal with hundreds of assets that are constantly moving in and out of their premises. They have to manage their inventory and assets as well as the guests who are staying at the hotel. With such a huge task at hand, this technology can help them in managing their assets and inventory effectively.

This technology is used by many companies in the hospitality industry and it has helped them to keep track on their assets and inventory. This technology allows the hotel owner to monitor the performance of their assets and take necessary steps if they find any issues at any time.

RFID Asset Tracking Solution

Hotel owners can use RFID technology to track the following:

  • Controlling Access to Rooms
  • Monitoring Inventory
  • Tracking and Maintaining Assets and Equipment
  • Customizing and Improving the Guest Experience

This technology is beneficial for both the customers and hotel owners. Customers can have a great experience.

Oteltech Provides the Best RFID Asset Tracking Solution. for your business. 100% Visibility on the Analytics. Grow your business Today!
Reach out for more information – info@oteltechnologies.com

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