Smart Laundry Tracking

Linen Management Made Easy With 'Oteltech RFID' Solutions

Reduce Your Laundry Losses by 30% in Just Six Months. Increase the work efficiency by 70%,  Keep track of Laundry inventory and prevent counterfeit clothes.

Prove Your Speed and Save Your Money. Unique RFID Laundry solution for Hotel & Hospitality Industry.

Accountability in Laundry never lose your clothes again. RFID Tracking System for Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

Track your laundry from the time it leaves your premises to the time it arrives back. 

Our Solutions

RFID Laundry Tracking Solution

Oteltech is specialised in RFID based laundry tracking application having received local recognition for premium clients.  LySis RFID is capable of tracking 100’s of Lenin’s in a fractions of seconds with maximum accuracy.   

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RFID Laundry Tracking

For hospitality asset tracking, individual hotels & hospitals to automate your laundry handling and counting. Also to control linen loss by theft and pilferage.

Lisys for Laundry Contractors

An enterprise solution to large laundry service establishments that cater to multiple commercial customers.

Lisys Linen on Rental

Laundry aggregators who provide linen on rental solutions to hotels/hospitals on daily or monthly invoicing models.


Benefits of RFID for your business

Pre configured devices.
Start operating instantly.
Can add more devices remotely

State-of-the-art Cloud-based IoT Platform without need of any infrastructure

All oteltech products are of Industrial grade and compliances regional frequency standards for operating.

Adopt on Opex, our annual subscription model makes it very affordable covering product support and warranty.

Minimize your CO2 footprint with our highly performant technology which requires limited IT resources.

Average ROI is enjoyed within six months with longer operational benefit.

Appreciated globally, by supporting customers at different time zones.

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