Tyre tracking system

Fleet Tyre Tracking System

RFID Tyre Tracking system

The Lisys RFID Tire tracking system is highly effective and fully automated. They are capable of keeping track of every individual tires in inventory and in the vehicles. This is the good solution to over come the manual recording of tires serial numbers. Generally inventory of tires (by noting the stensile number of tires) are done manually and takes lots of time when mounted on the vechiles. Tires needs to be physically taken out for reading the serial number and then mounted back to vehicles.

LiSys makes life easy with instant digital reading and giving accuracy of data, human errors are avoided. The solution records the performance of each tires km/miles run and other analytical data.

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Tyre tracking

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As a business, it is vital to keep track of your vehicles and tyres, but with the massive number of tyres on the road and the varying uses they are put to, it’s no surprise that many companies don’t have a system to manage their tyres. Traditionally practised by manually taking the serial number of its tires, which is complicated since the tyres are mounted on the vehicles with Lysis RFID you can read the tire using RFID handled reader. 

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